Pool Renovation West Pymble

Outdoor Pool Renovation in West Pymble

West Pymble is located just 15 kilometres from the Sydney CBD on the upper north shore of Sydney. The client wanted to renovate their existing pool and breathe new life into the area surrounding the pool.

The pool was cut into the back corner of the property with a metal security fence. The entire area was flanked by hedges, ferns and other established trees. 

Once we removed the stained concrete decking we set about laying the foundations for the new pool decking. We chose Royal Marble tiles as a replacement for the pool deck and pathway. Royal marble is a very durable natural stone that has heat resistant properties. 

Royal Marble Pathway West Pymble

We blended the pool decking into the pathway that led to the back verandah of the home using the royal marble tiles. These tiles are not smooth so they offer good grip when they are wet.

Outdoor Stairs Construction West Pymble

Once the pathway was completed and ran to the back of the property we added in the 2 step stairway that was made from concrete and covered with the royal marble tiles.

The Project

Location – West Pymble NSW

Outdoor Pool

  • Remove existing concrete tiles and lay new royal marble tiles

Outdoor Pathway

  • Create a path from the house to the pool 

Outdoor Stairs

  • Link the pathway to the back verandah with a 2-step stairway

Before Pool Renovation

During Pool Renovation

After Pool Renovation