Landscaping Mosman

Redesign and Landscape Backyard in Mosman

Mosman is located on the Lower North Shore and is 8 kilometres north east of Sydney.

The client wanted to redesign and landscape the entire backyard completely. This included landscaping the surrounding swimming pool area. The backyard was split level so we included a wooden stairway. To complete the redesign we laid a side pathway.

Outdoor Timber Stairway Mosman

We connected the two levels of the backyard with 12 step wooden stairway that abutted the wood-paneled wall.

Turf Laying Mosman

A section of the backyard was covered in concrete pavers.  We removed all the pavers and laid the lawn in its place. The grassed area was bordered on one side by travertine pavers,  the back landscaped wall and the side wall.

Landscape Pool Area Mosman

The pool area at its furthest end had a steeped rock garden. We reorganised the rocks into a 2 tiered layout and introduced new plants. Completing this project we constructed a concrete stairway to the back gate.

Side Pathway Construction Mosman

The final process of this landscaping project was to connect the backyard with a new side pathway. The concrete pathway was built parallel to the timber stairway and included steps that were set into the middle of the pathway.

The Projects

Location – Mosman, NSW

Backyard Design

  • Redesign and landscape

Outdoor Timber Stairs

  • Build a wooden stairway connecting the 2 levels of the backyard

Turf Laying

  • Remove the concrete pavers and replace the area with a new lawn

Landscape Pool Area

  • Redesign the pool area surrounding the garden
  • Add a stone stairway

Construct a New Side Path

  • Build a new pathway connecting to the backyard

Backyard Landscaping Before

Backyard Landscaping After

New Side Path Before

New Side Path After

Pool Area Before

Pool Area After