Pool Renovation Gordon

Pool Renovation and Paving Gordon

Gordon is located 26 kilometres to the north of Sydney. The client has an existing swimming pool that was in need of renovation.

We amended and excavated the existing surrounding concrete  and used limestone pavers to level off the pool area to the edge of the pool. We added lighting to set a beautiful nighttime tone.

Limestone Pool Tiling Gordon

Using limestone tiles and pavers we enclosed the entire pool and garden area which included a limestone stairway and seating.

Limestone is a natural material that has a non-slip surface. This is an excellent choice for the deck of a pool. Limestone does not fade over time if it is sealed properly.

Pathway Paving Gordon

To complement the renovated pool area we removed the brick-patterned pathway that was outside the pool area. In its place, we use a combination of bluestone bricks with limestone brick edging.

In the sitting area under the first floor, we removed all the bricks and added grey paving blocks.

The Projects

Location – Gordon NSW

Pool Renovation

  • Remove existing pavers
  • Add new pavers

Pool Paving

  •  Limestone tiles and pavers

Pathway Paving

  • Redo the existing pathway
  • Add concrete blocks and stone tiles

Before the Pool Renovation

After the Pool Renovation