Rendered Retaining Wall Wahroonga

Remove and Rebuild the Retaining Wall in Wahroonga

Wahroonga is a residential suburb located 18 kilometres northwest of Sydney on the Upper North Shore.

The client wanted to breathe new life into the backyard by removing the existing copper log retaining wall and replacing it with a rendered brick wall all along the fence line.

Building the Retaining Wall

Once the copper logs were removed we chose concrete brick blocks to build the wall. These blocks were placed around the entire fence leaving a gap to place trees and other plants such as conifers.

Incorporated into the retaining wall we created a seating area.

Rendering the Retaining Wall

We chose a cream colour to render the wall. This colour combined with the grass and green vegetation is an excellent combination. Rendered brick walls improve the appearance of the yard and are durable as well as functional.

The Project

Location – Wahroonga, NSW

Remove Retaining Wall

  • Remove the existing copper log retaining wall

Rebuild and Render Retaining Wall

  • Build the new retaining wall and render

Retain Wall Before

Retaining Wall After