Courtyard Paving Wahroonga

Courtyard Paving Construction in Wahroonga

Wahroonga is a Sydney suburb that is 18 kilometres from the CBD on the Upper North Shore. The client wanted to replace their concrete slab courtyard floor with travertine pavers and incorporate a travertine stone stairway.

Replacing the Concrete Paving in Wahroonga

There was a three-inch thick concrete slab that covered the entire courtyard floor that needed removing. jackhammers, sledgehammers and brute force completed this task. 

Paving the Courtyard in Wahroonga

After all the concrete was removed we set about compacting and leveling off the area. We allowed for a slight but unnoticeable slope away from the back of the property. This would ensure that any falling water would run away from the home and be directed into the garden.

Once the area was compacted we laid the travertine pavers from the back of the property to the edge of the rock wall and back rendered wall.

We chose Travertine tiles because they are slip resistant and do not fade from exposure to the sun. Also, the travertine tiles blended in perfectly with the rock wall

Outdoor Stone Stairway Wahroonga

Completing the project was redesigning the side stairway entrance to the courtyard. 

We also built the stairs from travertine tiles in keeping with the theme of the courtyard deck. 

The Projects

Location – Wahroonga, NSW

Courtyard Replacement

  • Remove existing concrete paving

Courtyard Paving

  • Lay the courtyard floor with travertine pavers

Outdoor Stairway

  • Build a stone stairway to the courtyard

Before Courtyard Paving

After Courtyard Paving