Pathway and Driveway Renovation Denistone

Brick Pathway and Driveway Installation Denistone

Denistone 16 kilometres north west of the Sydney central business district.

This home has a carport that leads to a pathway that runs along the side of the house. The existing pathway and driveway consisted of crushed rock that was bordered by cream bricks.

The client wanted to totally renovate the driveway and pathway.

We decided to completely pave the driveway and pathway with a herringbone pattern from grey bricks. To secure the bricks we created a straight edged border from cream bricks.

Herringbone Brick Pavers Denistone

We opted for the herringbone pattern as it is strong and sturdy on flat surfaces. Also, herringbone is stylish and ideal for brick pathways and driveways.

Removing the Brick Paving

This was not a hard task as the working area was flat and free of any obstructions. Once all the old pavers and bricks were removed we set about making sure the entire area was compacted and flat. We allowed for a slight angle that would guide any rainwater away from the house.

The Projects

Location – Denistone, NSW

Pathway Installation

  • Restore and build a new brick pathway

Driveway Installation

  • Restore and build a new brick driveway

Pathway and Driveway Before Restoration

Pathway and Driveway After Restoration