St Ives

New Pool and Renovation St Ives NSW

St Ives is located 18 kilometres to the north of Sydney on the Upper North Shore. Our project was to landscape the entire backyard, remove and construct a new pool and landscape the surrounds.

Stone Pool Decking St Ives

The existing pool was built last century and was paved with red/cream bricks which went to the edge of the pool.

We removed all these bricks and constructed a new pool surrounded with himalayan stone.

Glass Pool Fencing St Ives

The existing pool was enclosed with black metal bars. We removed these and installed glass fencing that was complete with a secure glass entrance door in keeping with swimming pool regulations.

Alfresco Paving St Ives

The alfresco area was also paved with the same brickwork that had previously surrounded the pool. In keeping with the theme of the pool we extended the stone pavers to cover the entire floor of the alfresco area.

Turf Laying St Ives

The remainder of the backyard was covered with tired old grass that had lost its vitality. We replaced this grass with brand new turf.

Timber Garden Bed Edging St Ives

The backyard had a large number of shrubs and trees lined along the fence. With timber beams, we created a boxed area to support these plants and add some undergrowth plants.

The Projects

Location – St Ives NSW

New Pool and Renovation

  • Remove brick pool edging and decking
  • Add new stone edges and flooring

Stone Pool Decking

  • Remove the brick paving surrounding the pool
  • Replace the bricks with stone paving

Glass Pool Fencing

  • Remove the metal post fencing
  • Replace with glass fence and secure glass door

Alfresco Paving

  • Remove all the brick flooring
  • Replace with stone blocks

Turf Laying and Landscaping

  • Remove the existing timber stairs
  • Create new stairs with travertine blocks

Timber Garden Bed Edges

  • Support the garden beds with timber edges

Before New Pool Renovation and Landscaping

During Pool Renovation and Landscaping

After Pool Renovation and Landscaping