Paving Willoughby

Courtyard Paving in Willoughby

Willoughby is a residential suburb on the Lower North Shore of Northern Sydney and is 6 kilometres north of the Sydney CBD.

The client wanted to modernise the courtyard by replacing the existing pavers with new pavers. The current pavers were collecting dirt and were becoming extremely hard to keep clean.

This was a small courtyard area and we suggested adding a 50cm high retaining wall which would act as a garden bed.

Paving Construction Willoughby

After removing the old pavers we replaced them with black limestone pavers.

Limestone pavers and tiles are great for outdoor use because they don’t break down or weather. They are a good choice for areas with high humidity or frequent rain since they are also resistant to moisture.

Retaining Garden Bed Wall Willoughby

We took the opportunity to create a 50cm high retaining wall that was to be used as a garden bed. The retaining wall was also built using black limestone and ran along the length of the fence.

The Projects

Location – Willoughby, NSW

Remove Courtyard Paving

  • Remove the existing stone paving

Add Courtyard Paving

  • Construct the courtyard paving

Add Garden Bed Retaining Wall

  • Create a retaining wall garden bed