Turf Laying and Paving Narraweena

Backyard Paving Construction

Narraweena is 18 kilometres north-east of Sydney in the Northern Beaches council. The client requested the backyard to be renovated. We added a stone decking that was built with travertine tiles. 
This was an average sized yard that was square. 

The paving was laid across the width of the back of the house and extended down the right-hand side of the fence. As there was a slight gradient in the land we added a step into the paving. 

We chose travertine tiles as the pavers because they are nonslip and resistant to wear. Plus, travertine is a natural stone and aesthetically looks great with most outdoor furniture and vegetation.

Supply and Install Turf 

The existing grass had become overgrown and was filled with weeds. The were large sections that were just dirt as the soil had lost all the nutrients.

We removed the grass and then turned over the dirt. Then we added more soil that was rich in nutrients before laying the turf. We chose buffalo grass as it has a natural resistance to most pests and weeds and is resistant to drought.

Tree Planting and Landscaping

To complete this project we bordered the working arena with shrubs and trees. Over time these plants will grow and can be pruned to the desired shape and size.

The Projects

Location – Narraweena, NSW

Backyard Paving

  • Build a paved decking
  • Use travertine tiles
  • Step the paving

Turf Laying

  • Remove existing weeded grass
  • Lay Buffalo turf


  • Edge the border of the yard with plants

Before Paving and Landscaping

After Paving and Landscaping