Paving Northbridge NSW

Courtyard Paving Construction in Northbridge

Northbridge is on the lower north shore and is located 6 kilometres north of Sydney.

The client wanted to pave their courtyard area in a random stone pattern that is otherwise known as crazy paving.  This type of paving uses a variety of stones that include Russet, Onxy and Bisque.

The color spectrum of russet stones ranges from dark gray to medium brown. Charcoal gray is the unique color of onyx stones. Light golden yellow and light grey tones are prominent in the lighter color consistency of bisque stones.

Preparing the Courtyard

When laying pavers it is essential to level off and compact the area where the stones are to be laid. You must take into account where the water will fall and with a slight angle of the surface you can direct the water to the path you want it to go. Depending on the size of the paved area you may want to add a drainage system within the pavers. 

Laying the Crazy Pavers

Now that we had the surface area compacted we began laying the pavers. In the back corner was a medium sized tree which we shaped the pavers around and filled in the space with loose pebbles. The stones were randomly placed to give that crazy paving look.


The Projects

Location – Northbridge, NSW

Paving Construction

  • Construct a paved area 
  • Lay pavers around an established tree