Landscaping Belrose

Landscaping Belrose NSW

Belrose is a suburb in the Northern Beaches Council which is located 19 kilometres north-east of Sydney.

The property front and backyards needed a makeover and redesign. The lawns were not producing correctly due to neglect. The backyard area was overgrown and had exposed pipes in the yard.

We created designs for the entire outdoor areas which the client approves. The redesign included laying a new lawn, paving part of the backyard, building and reinforcing a retaining with steps, installing a front gate that led to a paved front door and adding plants to the garden.

Front Yard Landscaping Belrose

The task here was to remove all the existing lawns from in front of the footpath to the front gate and then to the front of the home. We moved all the grass roots and weeds and covered the area with new topsoil before laying the new grass.
We created a stepped paved path from the front gate that led to the front verandah of the home. On one side of the house, we covered the area in loose stones and added stepping pavers.

Backyard Landscaping Belrose

The backyard was a mess. There had been an attempt at dividing the back half of the backyard with a retaining wall. This area had become overgrown with grass and weeds.

The first task was to mark the area and build up, render and reinforce the retaining wall. We added four timber steps that led to this area. 

On one side of the backyard we laid grass and the other side we added pavers. In the back area behind the retaining, we laid new grass.

Paving Belrose

We used a combination of cream stone and travertine pavers for all the paving areas.

Security Gate Installation Belrose

We chose a metal railed security gate for the entrance to the property.

The Projects

Location – Belrose, NSW

Front Yard Landscaping

  • New lawn

Backyard Landscaping

  • Pave a portion of the yard for entertaining
  • Lay new lawn


  • Lay backyard pavers and pave an entrance from the front gate to the front door

Retaining Wall

  • Create and reinforce a retaining wall with steps

Timber Decking

  • create a timber deck that leads from the rear yard to the back door

Security Gate Installation

  • Install new front security gate