Backyard Paving Belrose

Backyard Paving Construction in Belrose

Belrose is a northeast suburb of Sydney and is 19 kilometres from the CBD. Belrose is part of the Northern Beaches Council.

The client’s backyard was covered in grass and sloped down from the back fence to the back of the house.

They wanted to construct an entertainment paved area from the rear of the home that extended from side fence to side fence and was 4 metres deep. The paved area was to include a retaining wall that defined the paving from the lawn at the rear. The retaining wall also included a paved step to enter the grassed area.

Landscaping the Backyard in Belrose

The first task was to create a level area to lay the pavers. We dug out all the earth to a depth of 4 metres.  As the property was built on a slope we needed to include the retaining wall to prevent any collapse in the ground.

Laying the Pavers

Once we had created the space and leveled of the area we began to lay the pavers. We made sure to include a slight slope toward the retaining wall so that any water would run away from the house. We selected cream coloured 300mm x 600mm rectangle pavers.

Constructing the Retaining Wall in Belrose

The rear of the paved area included a 300mm high retaining wall that is made from the same stone we used for the paving. In the middle of the retaining wall, we add a step that would lead to the lawn. The retaining wall also included a drainage system that would divert any excess water into the drains we had added in the paving.

The Projects

Location – Belrose, NSW

Paving Construction

  • Create an enclosed paved area with a retaining wall

Build a Retaining Wall

  • Build the retaining wall with a step