Fencing Contractors Bayview NSW

Build a New Fence in Bayview

Bayview is a residential suburb located 31 kilometres north of Sydney in the Northern Beaches Region.

The client wanted to add privacy to their property. They wanted to erect a 2-metre high fence built with hardwood timber.

Building the Fence

We marked out the area where the fence was to be built. So as not to disturb the vegetation we made recesses to enable the plants to grow. The fence was 2 metres high and capped at the top. Capping a fence on a slight angle allows the water to run off and prevents the top of the fence from water retention.

Is Hardwood Good For Fencing?

One of the greatest materials for fences is hardwood since it is a sturdy, long-lasting wood with a very attractive appearance. Because every hardwood has a different texture, colour, and grain, your fence will seem distinctive. The best timber is Merbau as it has natural oils which protect it from extreme temperatures, salt water and other elements.

The Project

Location – Bayview, NSW

Build a Perimeter Fence

  • Build a fence around the perimeter of the home