Courtyard Paving Balgowlah

Renovate the Courtyard with New Tiles in Balgowlah

Balgowlah is located 13 kilometres north east of Sydney.

The client’s brick veneer home has a small courtyard that is accessed via a pathway from the back door. The brief was to remove the existing square concrete tiles and replace them with new tiles.

After an inspection, we chose cream blue marble tiles to pave the area.

The courtyard was square with a slight bend and falling gradient. After all the old tiles were removed we leveled off the area and incorporated a drainage system for when it rains.

We chose cream blue marble tiles as they complemented the brickwork of the home. Marble is a durable natural product that can withstand heavy loads. Marble will maintain its colour and last for decades. 

Pathway Paving and Steps

There was a narrow path that was bordered on one side with a brick wall of the home and on the other was a 1 metre high wall. This path led down to the courtyard the back door. The path curved and fell slightly. At the top of the path were two steps. Continuing with the cream blue marble tile theme we paved the pathway and steps.

The Projects

Location – Balgowlah, NSW

Courtyard Paving

  • Remove existing square stone pavers from the courtyard
  • Level off area
  • Pave the courtyard with cream blue marble tiles 
  • Incorporate drainage

Pathway Paving and Steps

  • Remove existing pavers from the pathway and steps
  • Pave the path and stairs with new crean blue marble tiles